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Architectural Request
This eForm is for the convenience of the owner in submitting an Architectural Request online but your final request must be submitted using the Architectural Request Form under Documents/Architectural Review

Please complete all required fields and provide along with your completed Architectural Request Form and a Plot Map from the Town of Youngtown. Please also submit any plans, pictures, drawings and/or dimensions, necessary for the DRC (Design Review Committee) to make an informed decision.

A typical response time is within 45 days. If no the Plot Map and/or no plans are submitted along with this request, they may be requested at a later date by the DRC and may delay the response time.

Owner Information
First Name:*
Last Name:*
Unit/Lot Number:*
Email Address:*
Property Address:*
Mailing Address:*
City, State and Zip-Code:*
Home Phone Number:*
Contractor Information
Alternate Phone Number:*
Phone Number:*
Detailed Description of Work to be Done
Type of Materials to be Used:*
Dimensions, if aplicable (height, width, ect.):
Proposed Completion Date:*
Please attach drawings and/or pictures of work to be completed/installed.
Plot Map (sketch of proposed work):*
Once you have received written approval by the DRC, please check with the Town of Youngtown to see if city approval is required. If required, please send a copy of the city-approved plans to the Management Company for file purposes.

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